Alex Stewart International (Malaysia) provides supervision and inspection services covering the various metallurgical products, steel scrap, finished steel, various types of minerals and Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) pellets and others
Alex Stewart International (Malaysia) provides inspection of hold cleanliness, weighing, draft survey, sampling, Quality determination and supervision of loading and discharging. We also provide physical measurements of ore dump to obtain the estimate tonnage of stock in hand.
For DRI shipments, our Safe Handling Pocedures are certified by the Director General of Marine (DGM), Peninsular Malaysia.

Our Quality inspection covers but not limited to;

Various Types of Steel Scrap
- HMS, P&S, Bushelling, Shredded, Bundles and others
- DRI (Direct Reduced Iron)

Various Types of Minerals
- Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Gypsum,
Sulphur and Others

Finished Steel
Generally all shipments are either by;
By Container, By Conventional