All Trade Industry requires certain quality assusrance prior to entering into a sale in order to avoid unneccessary claims at a later date. As such and shall ensure that preshipment inspection activities are carried out in a non-discriminatory manner, and that the procedures and criteria employed in the conduct of these activities are objective and are applied on an equal basis to all exporters affected by such activities.

On many cases, individuals, third-parties, governments were deeply involved in prolong unsettle claims and often end-up in legal proceedings.

Alex Stewart International (Malaysia) - Experienced, skilled & qualified surveyors / graders / inspectors are trained to inspect the materials being shipped are as per contractual obligation and assured trade activities are finalised on a Clean Receipt.
We shall ensure performance of inspection are governed by Industrial Guidelines and agreed contractual obligation.

- To verify and ensure that the goods conforms the contractual obligations
- To verify and ensure the value of the goods on cases
- To tally count and quality verification
- Ensure free of radioactive material
- Ensure free of explosives